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  Mt. Pleasant, Utah, about 1915


Thank you for stopping by our family's genealogy page. Genealogy is a never-ending process; there is always more information waiting to be discovered! As such, these pages will forever be a work in progess. If you see any information listed that you believe is incorrect, please contact me so that I can look into it.

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Genealogy is the study of tracing a family's lineage through the ages, which includes the present. I attempt to make sure that details of living people are kept private. All living people have their names abbreviated. If you find someone on this site who is living, and their information is not abbreviated, please contact me so that I can fix that.

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The information on this website will never be complete. There are always additional records, newspaper clippings, stories, photographs and more out there waiting to be discovered. Do you have information about someone listed on this website? Please contact me! I would love to learn about what you know! contact me.

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