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1 Cemetery was formerly known as Greenwood.

This cemetery has been indexed and mapped by the Polish Genealogical Society of Michigan. As of 2019, no grave site for John has been found. It is likely that he is buried with a headstone that is now unreadable. 
Pilkowski, John (I24)
2 Earned the Silver Star Turner, Frederick Franklin (I20)
3 Hiram may have been born in a number of places.
The most likely is New York. It is possible that he was born in Massachusetts or Ohio. His probable date of death was in 1904. 
Gardner, Hiram J (I12)

Is this our martha? I think so. 
Ingraham, Martha Jane (I13)
5 Barney, Ada E (I11)
6 Names are also listed on the marriage record for Rhoda Beeb Nelson and Corkins Barney Family F9
7 Religious marriage services were performed at St. Dominic's in Detroit on 28 May 1935. Family F11
8 Section L, Lot 987, Space 1 Gardner, Theron Milton (I6)
9 Section L, Lot 987, Space 2 Lovelly, Bernice (I7)
10 Section M, Tier 13, Space 848

As of April 2019, no headstone for Joseph could be found. 
Colleran, Joseph William (I22)
11 Self-inflicted gunshot wound. Pilkowski, Joseph (I101)
12 Son: Eddie J 
Family F13
13 There is conflicting information as to whether his name was Corkins or Calkins. Corkins is written on his headstone, and that is used here. Barney, Corkins (I14)
14 This Census lists an Edwin N. Gardner living in the household of David P and Martha J Robinson in Sherman, St. Joseph County, Michigan, USA.
I do not know who David Robinson is, but I suspect that Martha J Gardner (Ingraham) remarried shortly after Edwin was born.
I believe the Edwin N listed on this census is my relative due to the following circumstantial evidence:
The age of this Edwin matches my relative. It is known that his mother's name was Martha J, and that he had an older brother named Charles O.
A Charles O. Gardner, with the same age as this one, is listed as being a neighbor of Edwin in Grand Rapids on the 1880 Census.
This Edwin is listed as being born in Ohio, as my relative is known to have been.
Source (S12)
15 U.S. Army Paratrooper Turner, Frederick Franklin (I20)
16 Ypsilanti was known as Woodruff's Grove at that time. Barney, Corkins (I14)